Teeth Whitening

man eating with nice teeth

Refreshing Your Smile

Our Approach

While pharmacy over the counter whitening products offer reasonable results for the patient, they have limitations. There are two reasons why whitening is better suited for the dental professional. Both the process and the product employed are superior within the dental office setting.

By having Dr. Morales examine the current state of your teeth, it enables him to make judgements regarding the whitening procedure so as to produce a better outcome for the patient.

Things to Know

Dental procedures for teeth whitening are effective in restoring their appearance. From birth, nearly all of us have the gift of sparkling white teeth. By the time we reach adulthood, though, the effects of time and normal living will alter the natural protection our teeth have.

Teeth have two components: an exterior of enamel with its milky opalescence and an interior of dentin which has a yellowish color. The enamel is hard and durable but time and the daily activity of eating has a wearing effect on its surface.

Eventually, the enamel becomes more transparent revealing the yellow of the dentin. Coincident to this wearing process, thousands of microscopic cracks develop in the surface which enables stains and refuse to take hold.

Contributing to our beautiful white teeth losing their luster are the foods we eat or the habits we have. In particular, coffee, tea, and red wine can cause staining over the years. Smoking has more deleterious effects because nicotine leaves brownish deposits that creates intrinsic(deep) stains.